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File Size Date Description
3macros 2Kb 03/08/99 3 useful macros for handling entries in Agenda
Accent 1Kb 12/02/98 Ease the typing of accentuated vowels
AddrPaste 5Kb 28/02/98 Generate macros that find and paste addresses from databases
AddrssIt 5Kb 03/04/98 Find and paste addresses from databases
Agn-Link 5Kb 01/06/98 Link agenda items to any files with associated applications
Agn2bv 1Kb 09/06/98 Switch back and forth between Agenda and BusyView
Agnbackup 4Kb 05/10/98 Performs backups of the previous month's agenda
AlarmFix 29Kb 08/09/98 Change the default alarm sound set when synchronizing with Outlook
Arrow 4Kb 15/03/98 Displays arrows in Sketch
Autophrase 5Kb 02/10/03 a macro application that resembles the AutoText function in Word
Autophrase2 30Kb 02/01/06 Same as above but repaired
BG 24Kb 01/10/98 Display a graphical view of the battery status
BMI 2Kb 16/01/00 Body-Mass-Index macro
Backlight 1Kb 09/06/98 Toggle the backlight on/off with the pen
Backup 7Kb 26/12/98 Backups selected files, closing and restarting applications
Backup_C 5Kb 14/01/01 Automates backups with Ralph Sprengers Backup and P. Nicolas' Crontab
BatteryM 1Kb 17/03/99 Small battery indicator
BatteryOT 1Kb 04/08/98 Improved version of BatteryDe
Bold 1Kb 10/02/98 Formats an agenda-entry to bold and vice versa
Bullet_Map 1Kb 02/07/98 Change the step level in Word
CMerge 9Kb 11/05/99 Search Contacts and paste the result into the current document
CS_Tools 13Kb 08/06/98 Control the batteries and sound - display quotes at switch on
CalcUid4100 1Kb 12/10/98 Calculates the checksum UID4 of an EPOC header
Calendar 1Kb 18/10/98 Directly show 3 month calendar
ChangeCase 1Kb 11/12/97 Set uppercase/lowercase according to the first letter
ChangeCaseGC 1Kb 08/09/99 Inverts the case of the selected text according to its first letter
ChangerCasse 2Kb 13/01/98 Set uppercase/lowercase/titlewise doc in French
ChemForm 3Kb 19/10/98 Automatically apply a normal/subscript position to a formula
ClearClpBd 1Kb 09/01/98 Empties the clipboard
Clicklik 2Kb 12/04/99 Add double-click key access to your most-used macros
ClipBook 5Kb 03/09/98 Provides the functionality of multiple clipboards for use in all programs
CodeSafe 12Kb 21/10/99/ Store and retrieve secret codes and passwords
Compute 1Kb 21/01/98 Prompts for an expression and allowsthe result to be pasted
ContactW 20Kb 03/12/99 Provides an easy way of addressing Word documents, using data from Contacts
ContactX 16Kb 03/12/99 Provides an easy way of searching through Contacts databases
ContextDe 4Kb 28/12/98 German version of ContextEn
ContextEn 4Kb 28/12/98 Provides additional contextual options in System
ControlPanelDe 1Kb 08/07/98 Displays the control panel
CopyPath 1Kb 21/01/98 Browse files, select, and paste the selected path
CtrlFn 1Kb 30/09/98 Makes easier the typing of Ctrl+Fn+Key
DLLU 5Kb 01/05/98 Enhanced version of Datalink: auto-select, multiple DBs, preserves ClipBoard
DataBring 2Kb 16/12/97 Replace shortcuts by texts from a database
DataLinkKG 1Kb 11/12/97 Enhanced version of Datalink: auto selects the word nearest the cursor
DataLinkZM 1Kb 11/12/97 An enhanced version of Datalink; auto select the word nearest the cursor
DateTime 1Kb 27/11/98 Pastes the current date and time in the system format
DelLine 1Kb 14/11/98 Delete the current line at the cursor
DiskList11 14Kb 04/09/05 a keyboard shortcut equivalent to tapping the drive icon on the title bar
DrB5Read 19Kb 07/02/99 Enables one finger or hands-free reading of Word, Data and Agenda files
DrBMultiFile 2Kb 13/02/98 Facilitate the opening of up to 10 files using a single keystroke
DrBMultiFolder 3Kb 13/02/98 Facilitate the opening of up to 10 folders using a single keystroke
EasyDoc 14Kb 30/08/99 Provides templates for documents and a lot more
EditerTexte 1Kb 18/01/98 Edit text objects in Agenda entries
EmailAddrBook 1Kb 16/07/99 Provides an address book for Email
Email_Reply 22Kb 15/01/05 macro for replying to emails and indenting the original text on ER5 machines
Euro-franc 1Kb 09/01/99 Convert Euro to/from Francs
EuroDe 3Kb 02/01/99 German version of Euro
EuroEn 2Kb 03/01/99 Convert to/from the EURO and the 11 participating currencies
Evaluate 1Kb 18/03/99 Evaluate the selected expression
ExAb 37Kb 24/09/99 EXtends ABbreviations from a self-maintained database
ExChar 1Kb 19/09/98 Swap mis-typed characters
Exch2Chars 2Kb 09/10/99 Exchange two characters of a word
FStartup 2Kb 11/03/98 Improved version of Startup
FermeTout 1Kb 09/01/98 Closes all running applications
FileDate100 1Kb 15/07/98 Utility to change file and folder dates
FileTime 1Kb 23/02/98 Set the time stamp of files.
FlMailList 3Kb 25/11/04 FlMailList provides simple distribution list support for the EPOC Email application
FlipLink 9Kb 25/05/98 Flip the link on/off
FlipLinkFP 9Kb 25/08/98 enables your serial remote link if it is disabled, disable an active connection also
FreeMemM 2Kb 01/09/99 Defrag your machine's memory and reclaim all the unused segments
GPS 1Kb 27/11/98 Toggles the GPS signal on or off when in Palmtop BV's Route Planner
GetWebLink 1Kb 29/04/98 Save Web links
GetWord 1Kb 19/11/99 Copy the selected word and paste it in a customisable fashion
Glossaire 6Kb 19/01/98 Enhanced version of DataBring doc in French
GrowFont 1Kb 27/11/97 Grows the font of the selected text
Hex2Dec100 1Kb 11/07/98 Hexadecimal to decimal converter
HideFile 1Kb 03/06/98 Hide a selected file
IRSendFile 1Kb 09/01/98 Exchange files through IR communication
ImportText 1Kb 01/02/99 Import a textfile into a new word file
InfraOnOff 1Kb 09/01/98 Turn the IR on/off
JBBL 1Kb 25/11/04 Allows the backlight to stay on indefinitely
JotterDe 2Kb 23/02/99 J. Toler's Jotter updated for German machines
KillTask 1Kb 23/02/98 Kill not responding tasks
LinkFM 1Kb 01/02/98 Switch the link on/off with only one macro
LinkNl 1Kb 10/09/98 Dutch version of link on/off
LinkPD 1Kb 07/10/98 Switch the link on/off
ListView 1Kb 06/11/98 Lists all the entries from today in chronological order
LockAndOff 1Kb 11/09/99 Activate the password once and switch off the machine
Look4It 4Kb 11/09/99 Search the selected text in different databases
MWTcalc 5Kb 19/08/98 For calculating the average molecular weight of a molecule
MailAdrBook 4Kb 12/11/99 Provides an address book for Email
MemInfoDe 1Kb 08/07/98 Displays the memory usage
Merger 10Kb 18/08/99 Search the selected text in different databases
MonthList 1Kb 18/12/98 Shows all the Agenda entries from today till the end of the month.
Msc 19Kb 22/04/98 An address book for Message Suite.
NDcode 4Kb 18/08/99 'NCode' or 'DeCode' strings of text
NewText 1Kb 08/07/98 Create new documents from self created templates
NoLightTimeout 1Kb 15/06/99 Disable the backlight timeout
NoSaveExit 1Kb 18/03/99 Quit an application without saving the changes
NumKeypad 2Kb 27/11/97 A numeric keypad for entering numbers more easily
OPLHelpKG 1Kb 11/12/97 Enhanced version of OPLHelp: auto selects the word nearest the cursor.
OPLHelpZM 1Kb 11/12/97 An enhanced version of OPLHelp; auto select the word nearest the cursor.
OSGmacrosuite202 136Kb 25/01/05 A collection of very 8 nice macros
Off 1Kb 09/01/98 Turns the machine off
OpenDocPN 1Kb 09/01/98 Open a document from the list of all documents in a particular folder
OpenDocRK 1Kb 05/01/98 Select and start a document directly
Oplcmd 5Kb 08/08/98 Replace abbreviations in the OPL Editor with the complete command-syntax
Outline 1Kb 27/12/98 Mimics Series3's Outline function in Word
PBcopy 1Kb 25/01/99 Provides a join function in PowerBase
PMJ 6Kb 01/06/98 A simple and easy to use Jotter/ToDo application
PavNum 5Kb 29/01/98 A pen sensitive numeric keypad
PhilsHTMLmacros 12Kb 06/01/05 macros for pasting HTML tags into text files
PicFlip 17Kb 17/09/98 A simple mbm viewer and grabber/paster with minimal frills
PlaySound 2Kb 27/10/99 Plays sounds from the System screen
PopClock 1Kb 02/02/98 Display the date/time for a second
PopClockMG 1Kb 08/11/04 This one switches the display around so that the time is displayed first
PowerOffDe 1Kb 03/09/98 Set the power-off options more conveniently
QuickInfo 1Kb 01/12/99 Brings up a window showing some frequently used information
QuickNote 1Kb 05/10/99 Add hand sketch notes in Agenda
Reboot 1Kb 05/06/99 Soft resets the machine
ReplaceInSheet 1Kb 12/05/99 Provides a search/replace facility in Sheet
RtAccent 7Kb 23/06/98 Produces accented characters the way you'd expect
RunExtras 4Kb 19/01/98 Run programs from the Extras bar without the pen
S5mboles 57Kb 31/08/99 Insert a signature or any bitmapin the current document.
SRLControl 2Kb 05/06/98 Flip the link on/off with beeps indicating the state
SaveHTML 5Kb 26/04/99 Converts Word documents to HTML files
SaveMail 17Kb 07/11/99 Copy Inbox messages from Email to a Data file
SaveNews 11Kb 03/10/99 Copy messages from RMRNews into a Data file
Sendsilk 1Kb 17/11/00 Start any of the Silkscreen programs with the keyboard
SetScreenM 2Kb 01/09/99 Quickly adjust the screen contrast to its optimal value
Shortcuts 44Kb 17/06/01 makes Macro5 usable with all EPOC machines
ShowHidden 1Kb 03/06/98 Show hidden files
ShowLocker 1Kb 06/12/99 Foreground Locker even when it is hidden from the tasklist
ShowMBM 4Kb 27/10/99 Display MBM files from the System screen
ShrinkFont 1Kb 27/11/97 Shrinks the font of the selected text
Snd_OnOff 1Kb 18/03/99 Set of macros to turn the sound on and off
Sonorité 1Kb 15/04/98 Turn off the sound for the entered time
SpecChar 2Kb 09/01/98 An on-the-fly character changer for Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian, Croatian etc
SpellOK 5Kb 18/08/99 Checks the spelling of the selected words
SuScription 1Kb 20/07/98 Insert Sub- and Super-Script into math orientated texts
SwitchDico 8Kb 14/09/98 Switch with the dictionaries/thesaurus from other countries
SwitchOn 6Kb 27/07/98 Launch several macros in sequential order according to set conditions
SwitchPoint 1Kb 13/03/99 Switch '.' and ',' in the System as decimal separator
SwitchPointMx 1Kb 07/07/99 Switch '.' and ',' in the System as decimal separator
Synonyms 1Kb 15/06/99 Displays the synonyms of the word under the cursor
SysVisible 1Kb 09/01/98 Show/hide the system folder
TTDv2 5Kb 04/01/00 a text file highlighted. It will import the text file into Word and save
TabSort 6Kb 04/10/98 Sort sheet tables
TableFilter 2Kb 23/01/98 Filter sheet tables
TaskList 1Kb 31/03/06 a small little .opo file/macro that simply call up the open files
TaskOnSys 1Kb 07/05/98 Brings up the task list when 'System' is pressed and is already in focus
TextToDoc 6Kb 04/06/98 Convert highlighted text files to Word documents
TinyTime 1Kb 25/11/04 A small macro for displaying time/date details in the bottom right of the screen
TodoList 1Kb 18/12/98 Jump to Agenda and show the Todo List
UpdDbOPL 1Kb 11/12/97 Add a dot before all the commands in the OPL database
ViewCal 1Kb 28/01/98 Direct access to the build in calendar
ViewHTMLMail 2Kb 04/05/98 View emails with HTML content
Vimopen 1Kb 14/02/00 This simple macro is run from inside VIM, it lets you pick a file using
WebMail 8Kb 22/06/98 Invokes the browser or Email depending on the selection URL or email addres
WebTools 4Kb 30/08/99 3 small macros to be used with MsgSuite
WeekNbr 1Kb 17/03/99 View the weeknumber and go to the corresponding date in Agenda
WeekNr 1Kb 03/12/98 Improved version of weeknumber
WeekNumberEn 2Kb 02/05/98 Jump into the Agenda at the specified week number
WeekNumberFr 1Kb 21/05/98 French version of WeekNumber
Wendat 29Kb 25/11/04 Converts Gregorian calendar dates into many others
WordMarkEn 1Kb 12/01/99 Provides a boookmark facility in Word
Xpnc 2Kb 28/07/98 Convert money to local currency in Word documents

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