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Psion Teklogix 7510

Release Date:
18 October 2000
Industrial priced (please contact Psion teklogix for price)
Colour: AMD 586 DX5 133 Mhz, with 32-bit ISA bus architecture
Mono: 486 DX4 100 Mhz, with 32-bit ISA bus architecture
Operating system:
Windows 95/98
2 MB flash with 1.44 MB user flash area
Hard Disk:
340MB, with future option of 1GB

Docking station or Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), 2000mAH with 3 to 8 hours life expectancy based on 25% operating, 50% standby and
25% suspend mode • Hot-swappable in suspend mode• Programmable doze, stand-by and suspend modes • 3 automatically invoked power management modes (doze, standby
and suspend) extend battery life when 7510 is not actively used
• 2.4V NiMH backup battery for up to 1 hour when the main
battery is removed or discharged

External PS/2 compatible mini-DIN connector
Enclosure: ergonomic design, water and dirt sealed, high-impact plastic case designed for high mobility, rated to IP54
5°C to 50°C (indoor/outdoor) cold booting with hard disk.
-10°C to 50°C (indoor/outdoor) with ATA flash.
FCC Class A/CISPR 22 Class B.
• NATO Military Specifications 810E

External bus expansion port can attach AC, Serial RS 232, parallel, RS 485 devices or connect to the docking station
• IrDA: 2-way link to other external devices including portable printers or another computer

Width: 194.5mm/7.7"
Height: 186.9mm/7.4"
Depth: 100.4mm/3.95"
Weight: 1.16kg/2.56 lbs 2,000 mAH battery Weight: 248g/0.55 lbs
Full-screen VGA display, 157mm/6.2" measured diagonally 640 x 480 pixels
Transflective monochrome/colour TFT
Resistive touch screen, 340 x 460 dpi resolution
SoundBlaster compatible, built-in microphone and speaker, with additional headset port

Docking station

Gang Charger


A Hand-Held Mobile Computer puts all the power and function of a desktop computer into a compact, rugged hand-held terminal that’s ideal for mobile workers in warehousing, distribution, transportation, logistics and defense. Compatible with the leading pen-based software solutions, the 7510 provides user-friendly Windows 95 GUI (graphic user interface) based applications in a portable format. Operating on a Windows 95 platform, the 7510 integrates seamlessly with Psion Teklogix’ wireless solutions. Using just their fingertips or the tablet pen, mobile workers can speed through menus and applications, allowing them to respond rapidly and accurately to new and changing work orders.

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