The Psion Revo Plus in disguise

Date Released: 10 September 2000
Original Price: $399.00
CPU: ARM 710 core running @ 36MHz.
RAM: 16Mb
Power: Built-in and rechargeable. Embedded 2 x 700mAh AAA NiMH batteries. A 6.0V 500mA power supply was provided, which connected either directly to Mako or into the docking station.
Display: The Mako plus has a 480 x 160 pixel mono display with a 0.24mm pixel pitch.
Other: WAP, SMS, Opera browser was pre-installed.
Software: PsiWin 2.3 was shipped with machine
For appointments & things to do, as well as birthdays and anniversaries
For names & addresses (or any other database use)
You can store vital information on thousands of contacts -- names, addresses, e-mail, phone and fax details. Plus any personal data you care to enter.
For alarms
For simple & scientific calculations
Shows a map, world times & dialling codes
For writing letters & other documents
For tables, spreadsheets & graphs
Editor for writing your own programs
Jot it down when time is short
Enjoy this popular game of fun

The Mako was a stylish compact machine that appealed to those who were looking for ultimate Portability. The Mako had a 16Mb Memory and shared many of the applications that were found on the larger 5mx. The screen was touch sensitive, but it had no backlit, however using a different kind of reflective back coatings it was extremely clear to read, even in low lighting conditions.

The Mako did not come with a CF (compact flash) slot and itís memory could not be upgraded. It was however a very compact machine that could allow the user to always be in control and attracted a different kind of user who appreciate the style and simplicity of this Diamond Mako machine.

Mako kept you connected, so you were always in touch.

The Mako Plus WAP browser allowed the user to set up a range of Service Providers and switch between them, instantly, so that the user could have access to all the information they needed without limitations.

The Short Message Service (SMS) is the ability to send and receive short text messages from one mobile phone to another mobile phone, pager or your Mako.

  • PC connectivity via PsiWin v2.31 provided with Mako.
  • Mobile phone connectivity via
    infrared port.
  • Printer connectivity via optional infrared printer pod or to any printer linked to your PC.
  • Modem connectivity via a 56k Modem or a optional 56K IR modem


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