Date Released : 1999
Original Price: 299.99
CPU: ARM 710 core running @ 36MHz
ROM: 8MB OS Mask ROM module
Power: Built-in and rechargeable. Embedded 2 x 700mAh AAA NiMH batteries.
Display: 480-by-160-pixel, 16-shade monochrome
Weight: 7.8 oz

Software: Calc, Time, Word, Data, Sheet, Cascade

Backlight: Yes
Size: 157 x 79 x 18mm
Keyboard: The unique 53 key QWERTY keyboard offers a pitch of 12.5mm.
Sound: 23mm loudspeaker

Communication: RS232 serial communications. Capable of 115K,

PC connectivity via PsiWin v2.31 provided with Revo.
Mobile phone connectivity via infrared port.
Printer connectivity via optional infrared printer pod or to any printer linked to your PC.
Modem connectivity via Psion Dacom 56k Travel Modem with GSM.

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