Psion Series 3a

256Kb, 512Kb, 1mb and 2mb models


Date Released:

1993 256 & 512 Models

1995 1mb & 2mb Models

Original Price: £269 (256kb) - 399.99 (2mb)
CPU: 7.68 MHz NEC V30H (80C86)
RAM: 256kb - 2 Mb
ROM: 1mb

Power: Two AA or 9v , 150 mA mains adapter, one Lithium battery

Display: 480 x 160 px LCD

Other: 2 ssd slots

Software: Diary, Word, Agenda, etc.
Weight: 275 grams with batteries

Dimension: 165mm x 85mm x 23mm

Communication: Serial 19200 bps
Sound: Membrane speaker, built in Microphone, 12-bit sound recording


Purple Software produced a Cyclone Disk Drive for the Psion that was designed for mobile use with both the 3a and 3c.

The 3.5 inch floppy diskette drive that provides a flexible, low-cost solution to off-line storage and back-up on Psion platforms.
Durable housing ideal for mobile use.
Uses standard, low-cost 720K and 1.44Mb PC floppy diskettes.
Transfer diskettes between your Cyclone drive and your PC.
Appears simply as drive C to all your Psion applications.
Works with all software that adheres to Psion standards.
Back up your files speedily and at a fraction of the cost compared with Flash SSDs.
Save money by buying your Psion applications on floppy diskette.
Includes the renowned File Manager software.
Compatible with the Psion Series 3a/3c/3mx, Workabout & Siena.
Powered by mains or batteries (battery pack is an optional extra).
Dimensions: 240mm long, 105mm wide, 30mm high.
Weight: 800g (without batteries).

Download Psiwin 1.1
Compatible with

* IBM PC 386
* 4MB of RAM
* 7MB of Hard Drive space
* Free Serial/COM port on the PC

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Single File
Psi registry cleaner


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