Psion Series 3c

1 & 2Mb

Size 165 x 85 x 22 mm
Weight 275 grams with batteries
Processor NEC V30H at 7.68 Mhz
Rom 1 MB
Ram 1 Mb and 2 Mb
Screen 480 x 160 LCD
Power 2 AA batteries
Backup battey Lithium battery
External power 9 volts, 150 mA
Communication RS-232C, 56400 bps, IrDA
Sound Same as 3A
Keyboard 58-key QWERTY
Extra keys 9 reprogrammable buttons
Expansion 2 Solid State Disks, external PC-Card
Backlit Yes USA first then Uk models

The Psion 3c provides better functionality than most CE units,

The 10-ounce Psion 3c is based on a 7.68MHz NEC V30H CPU that runs Psion EPOC/16, a 16-bit, multitasking OS that lets you switch between the many standard applications that are installed in ROM. The 2MB RAM isn't expandable, but there are two flash disk expansion drives that hold tiny 8MB flash-disk cartridges.

Psion's 480x160 resolution screen has bright backlighting with a 2-minute default shutoff and zoom support to enlarge font size to your preference. For modem communication, you have two options: a self-powered PC Card modem adapter, or an external 14.4Kbps modem that can also be self-powered.

Using the optional PsiWin data communications bundle and serial cable made drag and drop between a Window 3.1/95/98/Me and 2000 systems and the Psion 3c fast and easy. You configure which applications to support, and format conversion and transfer are automatic. The 3c's transfer times were relatively fast going from the PDA to the PC, likely due to the unit's 57.6Kbps serial communications rate. The 3c was somewhat slow to perform the search-and-replace word processor test but had more respectable times recalculating the converted Excel spreadsheet.

Navigating the 3c's screen via keyboard commands is speedy, and touch-sensitive icons for the main applications are located on a panel below the display, leaving more space for data onscreen. In addition to PIM, word processor, and spreadsheet applications, the 3c has a spell-checker/thesaurus, digital audio recorder, programming support, and a single game, Patience.


Purple Software also produced the Cyclone Disk Drive for the both 3a and 3c Psion that was designed for mobile use.

The 3.5 inch floppy diskette drive that provides a flexible, low-cost solution to off-line storage and back-up on Psion platforms.
Durable housing ideal for mobile use.
Uses standard, low-cost 720K and 1.44Mb PC floppy diskettes.
Transfer diskettes between your Cyclone drive and your PC.
Appears simply as drive C to all your Psion applications.
Works with all software that adheres to Psion standards.
Back up your files speedily and at a fraction of the cost compared with Flash SSDs.
Save money by buying your Psion applications on floppy diskette.
Includes the renowned File Manager software.
Compatible with the Psion Series 3a/3c/3mx, Workabout & Siena.
Powered by mains or batteries (battery pack is an optional extra).
Dimensions: 240mm long, 105mm wide, 30mm high.
Weight: 800g (without batteries).

Download Psiwin 1.1
Compatible with

* IBM PC 386
* 4MB of RAM
* 7MB of Hard Drive space
* Free Serial/COM port on the PC

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Single File
Psi registry cleaner

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