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The Psion MC 400 and MC400 Word

The Machine

Release Date
26 September 1989
Intel 80C86 processor 7.68Mhz
256 k
640K - 1MB
60 hours on 8 Double AA Bateries or 12v Power Cable, rechargeable battery
Qwerty keyboard (Touch Pad)
4 SDD slots one with upgradable OS
49 x 314 x 277
(approx 1.9" x 12.4" x 8.9)
600 X 400 Retardation Film LCD Black and White

Fast Serial link

External drive
Yes (Speaker and Microphone)
Picture of the Mc400
TheOffiial Broucher For The MC400
Front of the Mc400 Broucher
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The Psion MC-400 runs on an Intel 80C86 processor, uses eight conventional 'AA' (or MN 1500, LR6) batteries, and has not only an inbuilt speaker, but also a microphone. Along one of the sides of the MC-400 standard mini-plug jacks permit headphones and/or an external microphone to connect to the unit. A touch pad just below the unit's display screen emulates the use of a mouse as a pointing device; the screen itself has a matrix 640 pixels wide, by 400 high. The addition of a voice processor module would allow users to record and playback their own diary notes, or to leave dictation for secretarial staff to type. According to a product information sheet from PSION, the new voice compression techniques employed in this module would permit eight minutes of speech to be stored in 64 kilobytes of central or secondary memory. If accurate, this would signify a giant step forward in digital speech recording technology; previously, getting a single minute of high quality, immediately useable digitised voice to fit in less than 512 kilobytes was doing well. Many things about the MC-400 beckoned the would be call software developer. The MC-400 came with the structured programming language called OPL

PsiWin 2,2 was able to detect the MC400 which immediately makes connection with the Pc easy.

If the specifications for this product sound a little familiar to Psion Series 3 handheld computer users, that should not be surprising. The MC Word Processor is fully compatible with the Series 3 word processor and offers all the same functions, plus the extra facilities Inherent in running it on a larger, full-screen mobile computer. Using the 'Link' command within the Psion MC Word Processor, you can cut and paste data from the text processor, calculator - and even the Psion MC Spreadsheet. Also within the menu commands, you will find more comprehensive dialogue boxes, and the ability to cut and paste within the outliner, something that not even the Series 3 word processor is able to do.
Agenda For appointments & things to do, as well as birthdays and anniversaries
Data For names & addresses (or any other database use)
Time For alarms
Calc For simple & scientific calculations
World Shows a map, world times & dialling codes,
Word For writing letters & other documents, Spellchecker
Sheet For tables, spreadsheets & graphs
Sketch For drawing simple sketches
Program Editor for writing your own programs
Picture of the Mc400 Operating Manual Picture of the Mc400 Programming  Manual

Front covers of the manuals for the psion MC200 and MC400 mobile computer

Download Psiwin 1.1
Compatible with

* IBM PC 386
* 4MB of RAM
* 7MB of Hard Drive space
* Free Serial/COM port on the PC

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Single File
Psi registry cleaner

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