The Psion MC600

The Machine


Release Date
26 September 1989
80C86 (4.77 or 7.68 Mhz)
256K, (MS DOS 3.2)
768K - 1Mb internal
30 hours on 8 Double AA Batteries or 12v Power Cable
Qwerty keyboard (function keys F1 - F10)
4 Slots for SSD Cards

49 x 314 x 277
(approx 1.9" x 12.4" x 8.9)

Speakers and microphone
640 x 200 CGA Retardation Film LCD Black and White


External drive
Disk drive
Yes (Speaker)


Mobile computing became fully IBM PC compatible with the release of the MC600. This machine combined the technological advances of the 200MC and 400MC with the MS-DOS operating system, With Psion working closely with Microsoft during that period, it allowed them to developed the world's first computer to run their ROMDOS (equivalent to MSDOS 3.2), which was executable from ROM rather than RAM, leaving valuable system memory free for other uses.

It also meant that you could use standard software packages of the time, which included Lotus 123, WordPerfect, Word, WordStar, Dbase, and others whilst you were on the move.

This model also incorporated many of the latest developments in screen and custom chip design of that period which gave improved performance and reduce power consumption. Combine this with a unique power saving mode and the result is a battery life of thirty hours of battery life with little worry of running out of power half way through a task. Apart from that the MC600 will automatically turn to 'stand by' mode if not used for a few minutes and the screen and other power using elements were closed down.

By simply pressing the ON/OFF key, the users were returned to exactly where he left off with no need to reboot, this means that the machine was never switched off in the conventional sense.

Communicating with the desktop PC was relatively easy with the built-in Lap link program; this meant that flies could be quickly transferred between your PC and MC600.

Couple this with a Weight of only 4.31bs it was light enough to carry around In addition to this the MC 600 contained one Mega byte of built-in RAM which could be expanded by a further two Mbytes using Psion Solid State Disks. All this together with a built-in editor, password protection and a full set of function keys, and the result is a unique product which was considerably ahead of the competition.

Agenda For appointments & things to do, as well as birthdays and anniversaries
Data For names & addresses (or any other database use)
Time For alarms
Calc For simple & scientific calculations
World Shows a map, world times & dialling codes,
Word For writing letters & other documents, Spellchecker
Sheet For tables, spreadsheets & graphs
Sketch For drawing simple sketches
Program Editor for writing your own programs

Download Psiwin 1.1
Compatible with

* IBM PC 386
* 4MB of RAM
* 7MB of Hard Drive space
* Free Serial/COM port on the PC

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
Single File
Psi registry cleaner

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