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Release Date
October 2005
£429.99 ukp
32-bit RISC-based ARM710T RISC CPU, running at 36 MHz
32 MB
2 AA alkaline batteries, rated at 1 month typical life; standard 3-volt lithium backup cell (CR2032); optional external power supply (6-volt DC +/-10 percent, 1A)
Backup battery
Lithium (CR2032) battery
RS232 fast serial port interface to computers, modems, mobile phones, and printers at up to 115 Kbps; IDA-compliant infrared port (range up to 1 meter) for printing and transfer of information from a PsiXpda to a suitable printer or another PsiXpda
Patented touch-type laptop-style 'expanding' keyboard with a large vertical travel. 9 off-screen application quick access icons. 5 command icons to the left of the screen.
1 slot Compact Flash standard)
170 x 90 x 23mm
354g (12.5oz) with batteries
16 gray scale 640 x 240 pixels, touch sensitive screen.
Microphone for digital sound recording; external buttons for record, stop, play, and rewind and for silencing alarms; internal speaker
Operating temperature
32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 50 degrees Celsius)

This model was released by Pos after it had relocated to its Croydon based company and also taking some stock off Psion.

If you look at the spec from the 5mx one should see the resemblance of this model after all it is just a 5mx with a different badge attached.

The rest of this text was taken from the pos web site and its a true reflection of what this Version of the 5MX is about.

Free your time and work effortlessly with Epoc, and with no IT requirements PsiXpda is yours to pick up and go. Instant on, instant data access, whether you’re the individual running a small enterprise or the individual in charge of a global corporation, PsiXpda gives complete reliability and productivity. With PsiXpda in your pocket you can travel without your IT department. To power a PsiXpda all you need is two AA alkaline batteries and you are connected for up to one-month.

PsiXpda features a full keyboard, a touch sensitive back light LCD and a CF slot for extra memories and Games. PsiXpda is built around Epoc (32-bit multitasking system) and comes complete with built in word processing, spreadsheet, agenda and contact data base software. PsiXpda is compatible with Microsoft.

Respond professional in any office and with no risk of incoming viruses PsiXpda is free to roam and very easy to use. Thumbs up to a full hinged keyboard designed and made for fingers.

PsiXpda patent touch type keyboard slides out to reveal a full page width touch sensitive screen. This unique design makes it easy to type and view your information. Using a PsiXpda stylus you can navigate your way around the system with effortless precision.

Close the device and the keyboard retracts to give you a one-box solution.

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