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Psion's WaveFinder

Date: 15 November 2000
Price: £299.95
Size: 68cm x 7.6cm x 6.5cm
Power Consumption: Max 2.5W
Output Connection: USB connection to PC via translucent shielded USB cable (2.5 metres) illumination tricolour RGB LED set: software controlled for pulsating colour sequences
Wavefinder PC Software: Function baseband decoder, user interface, recording functions, UI Java based, fully interactive, graphical UI, web enabled recording - MP3, MP2
Operating System:

Microsoft Windows 98
Windows 98SE (Second edition)
Windows Millennium Edition
Windows 2000
Windows XP

Processor Requirements: Intel Pentium II, Pentium III at 333MHz or higher or Intel Celeron 400MHz or higher or AMD K6-II/III 450MHz or higher or AMD K7 (Athlon) 500MHz or higher
Hard Disk Space: 50Mb free hard disk space for installation plus additional free space to record audio (optional) RAM space 64Mb RAM (Win 98/98SE) 128Mb RAM (Win 2000)
Hardware Requirements: 16bit stereo sound card USB port CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive modem (required for Click-Thru Radio services only)

The world’s first consumer digital radio receiver, WaveFinder from Psion, Went on sale in the UK as part of a deal with the Dixons Group plc and UBC Media Group plc. Developed by Psion InfoMedia, Psion’s consumer product division, WaveFinder is available in PC World and Dixons’ stores across the UK.

FM radio has been the best way to listen to radio for the past forty years. Recently there has been the advent of digital radio, either through a satellite, the internet or recently through an antenna. Satellite radio requires a receiver and also a satellite, consequently it requires a pro to set it up and it is not portable. Internet radio has a wide range of stations, but unless you have a broadband connection, the quality is poor.

It is through an antenna that the Psion radio receives digital radio. There's no surprise that Psion are one of the first manufacturers to bring this new technology to a mass market, being one of Britain's most innovative companies.

WaveFinder was the first consumer product to unlock the full power of Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) technology. It connects easily to a PC allowing the transmission and reception of data, games, digital newspapers and other interactive programming as well as audio, without an Internet connection. The first example of this is The Digizone channel on the Digital One national digital radio multiplex. Users can tune in to digital-only radio stations, along with old favourites such as Radio 1, Virgin Radio and talk sport, in crystal-clear, digital sound and with no need for re-tuning. WaveFinder also enables the downloading of Mp3 files in real-time, allowing the recording of music and concerts. Embedded weblinks can be used to connect to the internet and buy direct.

The range of stations currently available is better than that on analogue radio. and the quality is far better than an internet radio on a 56K connection or ISDN (which is generally limited to 32 Kbit or 64 Kbit). This is because the bandwidth is so large being 256 Kbit. There is absolutely no interference which you regularly get on analogue radio.

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