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Welcome To Uley

Uley Green

The lovely little village of Uley is a small village with its quaint village green and jumbled houses, contained and overshadowed by the Cotswold Hills that includes Uley Bury. Nearby is the parish Dursley which Uley forms part of its sub-district. Many historians have referred to the name of Uley, Lysons, Canon Samuel (1865) in his book entitled Our British Ancestors. States that the name may be traced back to the Hebrew name "Olah" a "burnt offering" or a high place of whole burnt offerings a place of lifting up of sacrifice, and the voice of the prayer. However, this site will try to give all the historical events that people know of and more.

If anyone finds mistakes on these pages please inform me, if you would like to add to these pages please feel free to contact me, where i will find a place for the information, or if any one has ideas or photographs (no matter what condition) of Uley please try to scan them and send then to me, As we need to keep the memories of why Uley has became the place it is today.


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